Mi Bunny Speaker — Not a Toy, but a Friend for the Child and the Parents!

Are you worried when your child is alone for a long time? Do you want your child to be always under supervision, even when you are not at home? Do you think it’s a time to replace traditional toys with smart ones? Then let me introduce you to Mi Bunny Speaker — a gadget that combines the functions of a child’s toy, Internet speaker, a baby monitor, and a nightlight.

Thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone and the ability to synchronize with the smartphone via the special mobile application, the device can not only “tell” audiotales to the child, but also to be an interphone.

If you want to check up on what your child is doing, just connect to Mi Bunny Speaker via the smartphone and ask your kid how he is and what he does, and then listen to the answer.

Children tend to drop toys, however, don’t worry about the integrity of the new Mi gadget, because its body is made of durable ABS plastic, which can protect the device from certain physical effects. The built-in 1800 mAh battery is responsible for the autonomous work, and a sound card manufactured by Realtek is responsible for the sound quality.

In addition, the toy-rabbit ears can glow at night and the cap of Mi Bunny is removable, helping diversify the child’s games.

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