Mi Down Jacket – Ultrathin and Ultralight

Lightweight, thin, seamless, yet warm down jacket. Is it possible? Yes, it is! Because we are talking about Mi Down Jacket.

Mi Down Jacket  wear

Thanks to the Gram Art material produced by Japanese company Toray, high-quality threads, YKK accessories and strict requirements to the product Xiaomi has created the Down Jacket with a weight only 300g. The rate of Fill Power (FP) index is 700, that means good heat preservation. That’s why this Mi Down Jacket will suitable not only for autumn but also for the beginning of the winter.

Mi Down Jacket unisex

Thousands of people were interviewed by designers to create a perfect design of Down Jacket according to the needs of modern user

As a result, they created a universal model, suitable both for men and for women. The special cover on down jacket does not allow the moisture to pass through.

Mi Down Jacket material

Mi Down Jacket

Mi Down Jacket producing

Mi Down Jacket Waterproof

Mi Down Jacket material

One of his interesting features is the ability to fold into an ultra-compact size. Its compactness is really surprising, you can even put it in a pocket of your bag.

Mi Down Jacket view

Mi Down Jacket

We are looking forward to seeing this extremely stylish Mi Down Jacket in our stores!

Mi Down Jacket


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