Mi Hybrid Earphone

Two types of emitters: dynamic and rebar.

  • Rebar Unbeatable treble (sounding of every detail)
  • Dynamic Unsurpassed bass (deep sound)
  1. Rebar type of sound emitter — sound quality
  2. Dynamic type of sound emitter — sound quality
  3. Dynamic and rebar type of sound emitter — sound quality

Please, use earphones, press on sound effects, hear the difference between them Rebar and dynamic sound emitter, improved sound quality, volumetric and qualitative sound of a musical composition Great song — it’s not just a good lyrics and music, these are different little things that helps to convey certain emotions and feelings.

So Mi Hybrid Earphone certainly should please you. After all, usually with earphones there is only one type of music emitter, mainly “dynamic type of sound emitter” in some earphones also used “rebar type of sound emitter”. In each of these types of sound emitters, naturally will be its charms, but in order to achieve even higher quality and better sound, we have combined these technologies in a single composition — Mi Hybrid Earphone.

Therefore, the sound of music is more volumetric and richer. Stable and deeper bass of dynamic type — when listening to rock’n’roll, hitting the drums and “growling” of a bass guitar will shake your blood up. Ringing high frequencies of a reinforcing type — enjoy the melodic sound of overtones of the guitar. While listening to your favorite track, with the help of Mi Hybrid Earphone you will re-discover it for yourself, because you can hear even more interesting details.

Rebar type of sound emitter — patented structure, reconstruction of real sound of dolphins For a soft and sonorous sound, we have changed the structure of the reinforcing type. As a result, sensitivity of earphones is even higher, transient performance is even better. Therefore, sounding of high frequencies became even more accurate, without any distortions. Developed by our technologists, structure of the reinforcing type of sound emitter, use of high precisious assembly technology makes the sound even more soft and pleasant for hearing; patented structure “Reinforcing + Dynamic sound emitter” is a more robust and reliable, and sound — deeper and stable. We have also added a frequency divider, for a natural fusion of high and low tones.When music gets to the reinforcing emitter, the sound becomes much more expressive: touching sounds of dolphins communication, guitar overtones etc. All these sounds are now acquiring new paints, a new sound, which are able to fascinate.

  • Patented structure
  • Frequency divider
  • Settings accuracy

The dynamic type of sound emitter — metal diaphragm, stunning sounds of a surf. Sound of the most musical instruments, most voices of people — all are related to low frequencies. For these sounds to be more balanced, attractive, we have created and patented an updated 3-level structure of the diaphragm: an ultra-lightweight middle layer of titanium with high acoustic permeability, and for the outer layers we used PET material. Due to the elastic properties of PET material, we are able to enjoy rich, volumetric and powerful sounding of low frequencies.

  • Bass Sound
  • Sound enhancement
  • Metal
  • Balanced sound
  • Patented “sandwich” structure
  • One-piece diaphragm

Acoustic tuning from the 4-time winner of the Grammy Awards Good earphones are a bridge between the “creator” of music and its listeners. Creation of such earphones needs deep knowledge of not only technology and acoustics, but also needs a good understanding of music.

Therefore, we have decided resort to the use of a number of technological complex settings: first of all we have improved general settings, made special calculations and reconstructed the modeling of software, used Klippel device for large-scale analysis of the speakers motion and other special technologies, continuous optimization of the structure and design of earphones and speakers.

Thus, we have got much better acoustic characteristics. Moreover, so you can fully enjoy all “colors” of music, all its sensitivity, we invited four-time winner of the Grammy Awards, incredible sound engineer Luca Bignardi, that he has made his changes to the settings of Mi Hybrid Earphone. According to him, most of the people are holders of ordinary earphones, but only by making special settings, you can feel the beauty and melody of music.

  • Exact calculation of the structure of the earphones
  • Klippel — motion analysis of speakers
  • Acoustic Testing
  • Special configurations from the holder of Grammy Awards


Luca Bignardi 4-time winner of the Grammy Awards Music producer of world-class and high-class sound

Qiu Shi Jia Senior specialist Head of development and research of acoustics 1More department

Zhang Youdai Radio host Popular music festivals host

Li Ri Zhan Famous singer

A well-known song is sounding for you in a new way Good sound — is the one, which is able to touch your feelings. Between standard and special acoustic tunings is a big difference, which is why Mi Hybrid Earphone capable of transmitting the whole palette of feelings of the song.


Due to the high capacity of analysis, Mi Hybrid Earphone can divide musical instruments into different levels, a dynamic sound transmitter gives you the opportunity to enjoy a pure sound and rhythm of drum beats and comprehensive sounding bass. Rebar emitter makes sound of an electric guitar much more pleasant to hear, and artist’s voice more sensitive.

Folk music / country

In folk music and country there is not much of different musical instruments, in foreground are voice and soul. A three-tiered structure of Mi Hybrid Earphone diaphragm contributes to a more melodic sound of the guitar, and makes artist’s voice enveloping.

Female vocals Dynamic transmitter makes sound more melodic and gentle, rebar — adds color for high voice of artist, and overtones of musical instruments sound even clearer and more interesting. As a result, we are hearing crystal clear artist‘s high voice.

R & B / rap

Feel the rhythm and energy of R & B / rap music with Mi Hybrid Earphone. Hear every breath, every word of artist. And thanks to the special configuration of the dynamic transducer, low tones are deeper, more gentle, and the rhythm is even more clear.

Lounge music

If you want to listen to light music for book reading, then Mi Hybrid Earphone that what is needed.Enjoy the sensual sound of every note of musical instruments, low tones and subtle cello and violin ringing voice.

20 steps towards the creation of metal earphones

Reunion of wonderful sounding of headset and moving design. We kept liked by everyone metallic element of piston earphones: engraving, CD pattern, anodizing and other 20 polishing technologies. For a long time, you can use earphones, but they will not wear out and will not change its color. External earphones bend has repeatedly been polished, so Mi Hybrid Earphone — is the embodiment of pleasant tactile sensations and fashionable style. Do not forget to take your earphones before you go out!

CNC technology

Plasma cutting with precision machining up to 0.01mm. A more gentle and pleasant tactile sensations.

CD pattern

Metallic luster thanks to the accuracy of the image of the pattern to 0.14mm.

Rigorous testing of earphones to the touch

Each component is checked manually to ensure its smooth surface, smooth texture, uniform pattern for absence of any irregularities.

High-quality microphone, distinct speech

Micro microphone, noise reduction during the conversation. Compact microphone, S / N Ratio — 58dB (A), it indicates that the quality of the speech became the best. No need to hold a microphone near the face, because no noise will not bother you anymore. Changing the design of the control unit on the earphone cable, more convenient way to control.

Flexible, durable Kevlar cable

For cable Mi Hybrid Earphone we used the same Kevlar as for the piston earphones. It acts as a sort of “armor”, tensile strength and has a long service life. For the part of the earphone, which is located near the ears, we used TPE material, which reduces the level of friction with clothing, thereby reducing the level of “stereoscopic effect” caused by friction.

Comfortable listening to music

All music lovers are wearing earphones for a long time and, of course, do not want to feel tired of them. Therefore, we paid special attention to this issue and have developed 3 types of ear cushions of different sizes (XS / S / L), made of high quality silicone, which does not irritate the skin. Therefore, relying on your feelings, you can choose the best size of ear cushions for you, so that will form a closed environment and the level of sound leakage will reduce. Mi Hybrid Earphone has a certain inclination, and the part that is in contact with the ear is made of soft, flexible plastic and rubber, so in winter you will not feel the cold. In order for earphones not to press tight and you do not feel uncomfortable, we repeatedly tested their construction and design, and finally got a comfortable radian of incline earphones‘ surface. Therefore, when listening to music, you can even forget about them.

  • Grade silicone
  • 3 sizes of ear cushions
  • Design with incline (tapered design)
  • Ease of use, as well as earphones do not slip and fall

More than 700 quality tests

Excellent earphones for many years. More than 700 rigorous testing OST: a test of strength, resistance to various temperatures, simulation of different situations (throwing earphones, fall, testing of very high and very low temperatures), etc. We hope that the Mi Hybrid Earphone will accompany you everywhere, and, as well as songs will become classics of their kind.

Earphone “Warming up”

Already on leaving the factory, Mi Hybrid Earphone have all the settings for a great sound extraction. But, like all high-quality headphones, they need a certain “warming up” to give full play to its features and capabilities. Therefore, after a certain time of use, earphones will be able to achieve a stable level of sound. But do not worry if you have not previously heard of earphones “warming up”. Acoustic Research Department of 1More has developed a special application “APP warming up” for all users: need only to insert earphones and perform one-click “warm-up” of musical instrument. You can also, according to your preferences, choose a “warm-up” of music, volume and duration of the play.

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