Mi Life App – Useful Application for Drivers

As we know, Xiaomi is working in the automotive segment now. Unfortunately, this sample of car exists only as the project, but the assortment of the devices for cars beats the sales.

Xiaomi and its Ecological Chain Partners create modern and high-technological devices not only for your house but also for your comfortable driving experience.

Let’s briefly remember some of these devices:

The Dash Cameras:

Mirror Dash Cameras:

RoidMi FM Transmitters and Car Chargers

Air Purifiers

You can see that the wide variety of models can make your traveling more interesting and comfortable.

To provide more convenience for the user there should be something that can connect these devices analogously to the Mi Home App.

And Xiaomi has the decision! Recently the company has presented the new Mi Life application.

You will be able to find everything you need as a driver in this application. Fresh news, car parts catalogs, useful advice, different TV shows about cars, road trip music and so on.

This application can be used especially for entertainment but in the future, this version can be upgraded.

We believe that one day Mi Life App will become a firmware application of Xiaomi Electric Car that all the Mi Fans are waiting.

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