Mi Music Alarm Clock Review

The world would sure be boring if it didn’t have smart Xiaomi gadgets. One such example is Mi Music Alarm Clock: on the one hand — it’s a usual stylish internet speaker, and on the other — a clock and an alarm clock. Of course, it has the ability to synchronize with the smartphone. Let’s take a closer look at this interesting device.

Packaging and box contents

Packaging and box contents are unsurprising. It’s still the same classic white box, inside of which, apart from the Mi Music Alarm Clock, there is only a USB/Micro USB cable and a user manual.
Everything is ultra minimalistic and compact.


The device is created in a daring and catchy high-tech style, with a minimum of control buttons. The authors of the design — Mi and 1More specialists. Weighing only 306 g, this stylish and practical gadget easily fits into any interior.

Its body is made of known materials tandem — PC polycarbonate and ABS plastic, which provide strength with modest weight. 12 LED lights, which look very cool, are responsible for the time display. For better stability, the device is equipped with a special rubber pad, on the bottom of the case.

The excellent design and successful construction make Mi Music Alarm Clock the brightest representative of the “Smart Home” concept.

Technical Data

With such modest overall dimensions, the device has quite impressive sound characteristics. It has three powerful sound projectors supported A2DP/AVRCP/SPP protocols and a frequency of 20-20,000 Hz. Mi Music Alarm Clock supports Bluetooth 4.1, is equipped with 2600 mAh battery and has 5 watts of power.

Thanks to its battery, the device can continuously play sounds and music up to 8 hours, and the standby time is up to 360 hours!

User Experience

To manage your gadget with a smartphone, you need to sync your devices via Bluetooth. The Mi Music Alarm Clock is managed via Mi Home. Interestingly, it happens that in the list of devices added handheld, this gadget is missing. In this case, the application menu does not recognize the device in automatic mode. If you encounter such difficulties, you should proceed as follows.

First, synchronize the gadget with the smartphone via Bluetooth, without entering in the application. Then go to Mi Home, select the settings, then “grid” and it’s finished — the gadget is visible. When you click on its icon, it automatically downloads the plug-in for your smartphone. Use it!

Interestingly, if you want to use a gadget as an Internet speaker, the 1More Assistant application will do the same. It immediately detects the Mi Music Alarm Clock and can interact with it after being launched with Bluetooth enabled.

The application for managing the gadget is intuitive, it even has answers to frequently asked questions and instructions in English. To open them, you need to click on this menu item.

In addition to the normal mode, the device has a special one, which is a sort of sleep timer. He hides under this button.

Here you can set a time period: 10 minutes, 30 etc. (Up to 90 min), after which the speaker will automatically stop playback. You can choose directly the melodies for playback from the Music folder of your smartphone or use the recommended default.

The entire control mechanism of the Mi Music Alarm Clock is based on the using of one central control button.

Twisting and pressing it, you control the sound — you put the playback on pause (and if you hold on for a long time, the gadget is turned off). If you press the button and rotate it, you will be able to switch the tracks. Interestingly, while increasing the volume on the front of the gadget, the numbers of the classic dial from 1 to 12 will come. Accordingly, the numbers are higher, the louder will be the sound and vice versa.

It should be separately noted how stylish and smart the time is displayed on the gadget “screen”. The digits, needless to say, represent hours, while dots represent minutes. All that is ingenious is also simple, isn’t it?!

The steps to set an alarm clock in the application are similar to the one in Xiaomi smartphones. Chose the alarm time, the number of repetitions, time to go off, pick the melody and it’s ready! In general, for to find out more about the settings of the gadget, we recommend using the localized Mi Home application.

Time and alarm can be assigned manually. To set the time, you must press the control button twice, and then turn the button anticlockwise to set the clock, and clockwise to set the minutes (interval 5 minutes).

To set the alarm, you need to press the button 4 times, and then proceed in the same way to set the time. To select the melody playing by the alarm clock (from the ones already installed by the manufacturer, directly on the gadget itself), you need to press the button 6 times. To save any of these operations, you need to press the button 1 time.

When the alarm is set, the corresponding LED appears on the “display” of the gadget.


Mi Music Alarm Clock is a very interesting, positive and practical gadget. If for example, I was given such a gift, I would be very happy!

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