Mi Powerline Wi-Fi Adapter — a Good Gadget for Good Wireless Connectivity

Mi Powerline Wi-Fi Adapter is a very interesting and original device. It is actually a two-piece kit, consisting of a host and a signal extender. The adapter is designed to transmit Internet signal through a power line. 

Let’s take a closer look at it.

The device comes in a traditional white cardboard box. Inside there is a pair of gadgets and a brief configuration instruction.

Both devices have an elegant and stylish design that is suitable for home and will even improve the look of your home and office. The extender (the one that has two antennas) is equipped with an Ethernet port and is intended to be connected to a device, for example, a laptop.

The host features a LAN port and connects to the router.

Both devices have a reset button near the connectivity port.

To configure the gadgets, you must connect the host to a power socket and synchronize with the smartphone using Mi Home application.

During the configuration, its LED will flash in orange color. After the synchronization is complete, it will flash in blue.

Bear in mind that various socket adapters can affect the signal quality. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid them when using Mi Powerline Wi-Fi Adapter.

The host operates in 2.4GHz with a speed of up to 300Mbps, providing Internet coverage on 30–40 meters.

Here is a short instruction on how to install the devices:

1. Plug the host into the power socket and connect the LAN cable to it. The LED will flash in orange.

2. Plug the extender with dual antennas into the power socket. Press the control button once. The LED will flash in blue.

3. Press the control button on the host once. The LED will flash in blue.

4. Press the control button on the extender again. Both devices will synchronize and their LEDs will light up in stable blue. Now you can use the Internet!

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My WiFi extender with the 2 antennas never gets a constant blue light. It stays in blinking yellow. It is creating a new network but with that problem I can't add the device to mi home app because it's not connecting to network in the last step. Please give me support.