MI SELFIE STICK TRIPOD - "Blogger's Dream"

We all at least once faced one of such problems: we see a perfect view to take a photo with you on its foreground but there is no one near to help you do that, or we want to make a selfie with a camera looking down on us, but our height is not enough to have a great angle, or we want to vlog but we realize that a smartphone in our hand is the worst strategy because we will get tired pretty quickly. If you still haven’t bought a selfie monopod, you are lucky. Why? Because Xiaomi has launched not just a typical monopod that everyone has, but a monopod that turns into a tripod! That is what you need.

Mi Selfie Stick Tripod (this is how the monopod-transformer is called) looks much more reliable and interesting than a simple monopod. Just like its inferior bother the tripod has a remote control that synchs with a smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing connection up to 10 meters. You can put it in a special niche in the handle of the tripod or take it off. Synchronization is possible with any gadget on Android or iOS.

Two color options of the tripod are available for order: black and white. The model is made of aluminum alloy that guarantees its durability, and the top is manufactured of a high-quality ABS plastic. The tripod has a 360-degree rotating module where you can insert a smartphone with a width of 56 to 89 mm. The handle features an anti-slip material, so the device can be held in hand firmly. The ends of tripod legs are rubberized, which excludes any vibration and provides stability. You can adjust the tripod for both landscape and portrait photography. If you like to make a Periscope broadcast or communicate via Skype, Viber, etc., then you do not need to figure out how to create a stable smartphone support so that the smartphone does not fall, building towers of books, for example. Just install it in a tripod and enjoy communication. When folded the length of it is only 19cm, so it is easy to place in a small handbag or even a pocket. When it is pulled apart its length is 51cm and this is enough to make a good photo.

Keep your memories from travel. Now you do not need to ask passers-by to make a photo of you and your friend, just take Mi Selfie Stick Tripod. The perfect combination of quality, durability in this compact device.

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