Mi VR Headset White Review

Did Xiaomi release a new virtual reality headset? Is it comfortable, ergonomic and stylish? Let’s test it in our lab!


The device is packed in a white cardboard box. In the ergonomic box there is the Mi VR Headset, a remote control and a manual in Chinese with pictures.


For the design of Mi VR Headset White, we give the developers 11 points on a 10-point scale. Not only because of incredibly cool overall looks, but also because of its comfort. The headset fits snugly owing to and adjustable headband. It is suitable for kids and adults, men and women.

To be able to adjust the headband, it’s necessary to press and hold a special button, at the same time stretching the headband to a comfortable size.

A huge plus is a fabric on the inside of the headset. It is very pleasant to touch and allows to fit the headset tightly, without discomfort and pressure. In addition, the fabric is covered with an odorless absorbent, which effectively absorb sweat. If you secured the headset properly, no matter which way you turn your head Mi VR Headset White will not fall off!

To adjust the position of the lens (focal length) there is a special wheel on the upper side of the headset.

The remote control from the perfectly sits in the hand despite its small size.


The engineers, who created the device did their best. They equipped the Mi VR Headset White with the 9-axis motion sensor with a short response time — 16ms! This allows the headset to react faster and more accurately to the movements, adjusting the picture.

This device is really comfort in use and it reduces the risk of possible dizziness. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of virtual reality longer than usual!

The device is equipped with a USB Type-C connector and you can connect it to Xiaomi smartphones, namely: Mi5, Mi5S, Mi5S Plus and Mi Note 2.

As for the viewing angles of the Mi VR Headset White, it is very wide — 103 degrees. There are 38-millimeter anti-glare lenses on board.

What it was like to use it

All the settings of devise you can control through Mi VR application.

The 103-degree viewing angle is really good. The video with such overview is a pleasure to watch. The battery-operated remote control complements Mi VR Headset White perfectly.

The adjustable headband is just a dream of any VR-fan. It’s really easy to adjust. Thanks to it, the headset can be worn on any head size, which significantly expands the circle of potential users of the device.

The material of the inside of the Mi VR Headset White is pretty good. My sensitive skin has not experienced the slightest discomfort when it came in contact with it. The fabric felt very nice and held firmly on my face. Such a headset can be worn for a very long time.



The virtual reality headset from the Xiaomi engineers, of course, is a success. Mi VR Headset White is really the gadget that can make a stay in the world of VR not only interesting but also comfortable.

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