Mi VR - the “Child” of Oculus and Xiaomi

Which products can more precisely eliminate the distance between time and space? Which products can completely recreate our imaginary world? Which products can make us what we want to be?

We think that the answer is found out. In our perception, VR is the closest to this purpose. We are talking about the result of Xiaomi and Oculus (acquired by Facebook) collaboration— Mi VR that was presented recently.

The model was provided with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 and customized graphics driver. The normal screen refresh rate is 60Hz, and the Mi VR can support a 72Hz refresh rate to neutralize the flickering of the screen and make the visual experience more impressive.

The heat dissipation is also provided by the U-shaped heat pipe. The VR-glasses are equipped with the 3D sound system. Enjoy 360° surround sound without wearing any headphones. The device tracks the sound, no matter how the head rotates and the immersive experience of virtual reality rises to a new height.

The device does not require a smartphone — thanks to the powerful electronic components and support of specialized Mi service. The glasses can independently “deliver” the content to user.

Soft elastic straps, comfortable inner covering — the model is designed for long and comfortable use.

Mark Zuckerberg claimed at last year’s Oculus Connect conference that about 1 billion people will certainly like the virtual reality.

Such type of device is like to make a step into the next era. And Xiaomi with Oculus quite successfully worked together to provide us with this opportunity.

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