Mi Water Purifier 2 Delivers Clean, Safe Drinking Water

No matter how hard we try we can’t escape the water pollution problem. This is a global issue that affects more and more countries. Unfortunately, the more rapidly the technologies and industry develop, the more acute are the problems of ecology and the preservation of the purity of water and air.

We will not tackle the dangers that contaminated water hides. We’ll just remind you that one of the effective devices for water purification is Mi Water Purifier 2.

It’s a powerful water purifier that has fairly compact overall dimensions of 260×205×410 mm. To ensure that the gadget is suitable for different types of water faucets, a set of adapters is included in the package.

The main idea of the device is simple, like everything ingenious — we connect the filter to the faucet and let the water run. While it runs, it is necessary to observe the color of the indicator on the nozzle — when it turns blue it means that the water can be filtered now. 

An important point — remember that you shouldn’t use hot water (about 38 degrees Celsius). If such water flows in the purifiers, it will automatically activate protection.

In one day, Mi Water Purifier 2 can clean a huge amount of water — up to 1440 liters. The cleaning system of the device consists of four separate filters:

  1. Filter filled with cotton wool — gets rids of large particles, rust, algae, sand, etc.
  2. Filter made of activated carbon granules — cleans from chlorine, destroys an unpleasant odor.
  3. Biochemical protection filter (RO reverse osmosis) — cleans from antibiotics, bacteria, heavy metals and microorganisms.
  4. Filter made of coconut shell and charcoal granules — final purification stage where the remaining fine particles are washed away. 

Each filter has its own LED status indicator. They are located on the top of the device. If the indicator flashes orange, it means that the filter needs to be replaced soon. If the indicator is solid orange, this means that it should be replaced immediately.

Thanks to the synchronization with the smartphone, the owner of Mi Water Purifier 2 will be able to monitor the state of water before and after cleaning, as well as the degree of deterioration of the filters. For the first Wi-Fi synchronization, you must hold “Select” and “Reset” buttons togather until the indicator stops flashing orange. When the color of the indicator turns blue, the connection to the smartphone is established.

Remember that drinking contaminated water is harmful for your health!

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