Mi Water Purifier Review

New device for water purification - Mi Water Purifier, has been developing for more than a year.

The company is constantly improving its own Xiaomi Mi home ecosystem, constantly developing new devices (fitness bracelet, portable charger, air and water purifier). The main priority of Mi products is incredible value for money products. At this time, the company "Xiaomi Technology" with "Foshan Mi Technology" develops and manufactures Mi Water Purifier.

Elegance and ease of installation

In itself, the device looks very similar to Mi Air Purifier, namely its shape, color, aesthetics. As for size of device, company once again adhered Xiaomi limits size of A4 paper.

In comparison with market’s similar devices, Mi Water Purifier looks much more attractive and more aesthetically pleasing. However, taking into account "reputation" of company Xiaomi, people think:
"How long will it take for other companies to create plagiarism"

Cutting through all the questions I will shift to business ethics, we are confident that the Mi water Purifier is much more profitable for price, better appearance and its functionality. Once we got it, we immediately checked it.

We can confidently state that the assertions of Mi quick and easy installation of the water purifier are  true. It should only be installed in the correct order all filter cartridges, clearly following the instructions and paying attention to the labeling of filters.

And then lightly press down filter cartridges and scroll counterclockwise to lock them.

Since the installation of water purifiers is very complex, and the connection wiring quite exciting for consumers of Mi company to simplify the installation of the device. You only need to unscrew the aerator mixer, and then choose from six presented corresponding adapter and fasten it in place of the old aerator.

At a press conference, a representative of Mi said that apart from six adapters, they are developing a special seventh to order which you will need to write your application.

After installing the adapter, connect the sensor unit and the installation of the pipeline utilization impurities, turn on the power and can immediately use the device.


About water purifier
In the article "China Electronics" provided information on standards for water purifiers:

"Some industries have set their own standards for the water purifier. Sometimes these standards are different, standards of enterprises or organizations for the same device can be different. For example, for the RO water processing device - Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, state oceanographic administration, State Organization of sanitary safety devices, Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China and others, they all have their own IST (industry standard).

Now the Technical Committee for Standardization of equipment for light industry confirmed that the company will install Media Standard RO water purifier; Standardization

Technical Committee approved the household appliances, the company Qin Yuan set the IST (industry standard) RO water purifier. Thus, in China it can be seven standards for apparatus of the RO water peocessing requirements and the contents of which may be different from each other, and sometimes contradictory. Although the standards for the same product and lot, but the content of most of them is not quite appropriate. Standards are not objective, companies are not doing their job properly, and the organization of technical control also are not commenting. "

Drinking water has a huge impact on our health, so the company Mi contacted several organizations for certification and testing of the device, which can be checked on the official website Xiaomi. The principle of Mi water purifier and is often found, RO reverse osmosis water purifier is very similar, but there are some changes in the installation of filter cartridges in turn:

1st: The filter cartridge with PP cotton, which absorbs fiber, rust and other visible foreign matter

2nd: The filter cartridge with activated charcoal, which absorbs odor, color, chlorine, etc.

Third: RO reverse osmosis filter with filtering accuracy to 0.1 nm, it filters effectively heavy metals, bacteria, organic substances and other harmful substances. Equipped with first-class filter materials US Dow / GE

4th: Last filter cartridge with activated carbon, which uses two levels of the same filter with coconut shell particles and which absorbs unpleasant components, odors and improves taste of water

To verify and control the quality of the filters, the company uses the Mi TDS tester.


The full name of the tester TDS - Total Dissolved Solids, which is used for the determination in water the amount of solid substances, for example mineral salts and organic substances, the unit which is part per million (ppm). Basically, by checking the electrical conductivity and is determined by the purity of water. Simply speaking, the better the electrical conductivity, the more solutes in the water, and accordingly the higher the TDS tester.

The table posted by the user, with the values ??of TDS tester:

The last value TDS tester - 300 and above is designated as contaminated water. This can cause a lot of discussion, because most meet the standards of the State Ministry of

Health points out that all the indicators of water quality TDS below 1000 are satisfactory.

The value of TDS (PPM)

Water quality


Clean Water


mountain spring water, mineralized water


Purified Water


Tap water

300 and above

Contaminated water

We tested the tap water and got value TDS tester 270 (str Sanlitun SOHO), TDS indicators bottled water 30, as a result of multiple testing of purified water using the water purifier Mi, we have such indicators as the 19, 17, 16.

In addition, to make your home intelligent, you can log in APP application «Smart Home» to check the water quality, the life of the filters and even make an order for the purchase of new filter if it is time to replace the filter.

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