Mi Wi-Fi Router HD and Mi Wi-Fi Router Pro: Any Noticeable Difference?

Mi Wi-Fi Router HD should be a recognized number of syllables for you already. It had a big moment on the stage at CES 2017 and it is the router we all so much expect to be available with a 8 TB hard drive. The company has not been giving away any info on the date of its probable release but has been generous sprinkling other smart gadgets and accessories, like a smart scale or a flower pot, to keep us a little busy. But we were keeping our eyes out and found out that the Mi-brand had launched a mysterious router called Mi Wi-Fi Router Pro with specs quite similar to what HD-version offers.

The greatest difference between the two lies in the memory capacity. Mi Wi-Fi Router Pro comes with 800 MHz dual-core MT7621A MIPS processor, 512 MB ROM (DDR3) and 256 MB RAM flash (SLC NAND). The HD is powered by a duo-core Qualcomm IPQ8064 chip clocked at 1.4 MHz and hits it big with an inbuilt 1 TB hard drive. And like we said the 8 TB Winchester is in the works right now.

In all other specs, Mi Wi-Fi Router Pro goes side by side with HD-version. It has the same metal housing, 4 all-gain antennas and exhibits a speed of 2600Mbit/s. It is likewise armed with 4×4 MU-MIMO technology allowing to increase throughput when multiple devices are connected. In the manner of the forerunner, Mi Wi-Fi Router Pro adopted Wi-Fi 802.11ac networking standard and offers 800 Mbps over 2.4GHz and 1733Mbps over 5GHz. And on top of that, the Pro also allows you to manage it from your smartphone or tablet.

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