Miaomiaoce — a Smart Thermometer Designed with Kids in Mind

Classical mercury thermometers are made of glass and are very fragile. Even the most careful adult can accidentally break it, allowing the dangerous mercury to escape. Should such thermometers be used to take the temperature of a kid?

Doctors do not recommend that, not only because the glass can cause injuries in case it breaks and the inhalation on the evaporated mercury can lead to intoxication, but also because such a thermometer can provide with inaccurate readings if it is not kept in a correct position through the whole process. Since kids can hardly sit still for at least a minute, even on sick days, it seems like measuring fever will always be hard.

But believe us, it will not. One of Xiaomi’s partner companies, Miaomiaoce, has created a digital thermometer for kids. The device has an interesting design, packs in heat sensors to record body temperature and features a Bluetooth module so that you could sync it with a smartphone or tablet and receive temperature data in real time.

The Miaomiaoce Smart Thermometer could not be easier to use. This device, which looks like an enlarged blue pill, should be placed on a baby’s body a little bit lower where the thorax is or on the back with a help of the self-adhesive base that also comes in the kit. After that, you connect the thermometer to your smartphone and open the companion application.

The idea of such thermometer is that you can continuously monitor the temperature of the child without the need of waking it up several times a night. Your smartphone will alarm you if the temperature of the child’s body rises or when it drops.

The Miaomiaoce device is safe for your child’s skin. It is made of hypoallergenic material and does not have a pointy tip that can harm your baby or give any kind of discomfort. On top of that the device does not emit any kind of radiation thus you can let go hesitations whether to leave it on the child overnight.

A Miaomiaoce Smart Thermometer should be in the arsenal of every parent. We pay our respect to Xiaomi for promoting not only smartphones or smart home gizmos, but also creating devices that entertain and take care of our kids. 

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My brother gave me a digital thermometer a few years ago at Christmas, mainly for meats or casseroles. But when I mentioned I never know when my bread to done, he told me to take its temperature. He suggested 195 to 200 degrees. I’ve not had an over-baked or under-baked loaf or dinner roll since!