MiiiW Created the Mouse Pad That Can Charge the Phone!

Xiaomi and its MIOT Partners can turn into “smart” literally every device at your house.

This tendency was followed by MiiiW company when they decided to create Smart Mouse Pad. Yes, we are talking about the usual mouse pad that has got a quite interesting feature!

What does this mouse pad capable of?

The development of the device took about 1 year and a half.

The smart mouse pad uses the PC surface coating with the excellent smooth performance that provides sufficient comfortable operation, quickly respond to every move and meet the needs of multiple scenarios like the office use and games. Moreover, this design was appreciated and the model has got the Red Dot Award.

In addition to the functions described above, the most attractive feature of the smart mouse pad is wireless charging. The smart mouse pad has the built-in Qi BPP protocol wireless charging module that is supported by many modern smartphones. The charging area is located on the right side of the mouse pad. Just put on the phone and it will start charging.

The device can reach up to 7,5 watts of charging power. In addition to this, it supports the intelligent recognition with temperature control technology that ensures the safety of the equipment during the charging process. When the device is fully charged it will automatically power off to prevent overcharging and protect the battery.

The round module can change about 16,8 Million colors of RGB light by rotating left and right. If you download the special application you will be able to control the volume level of your computer. The device can be connected to the PC via Bluetooth.

Do you have the Samsung S8/S8edge or iPhone8/8p/X? Or are you the owner of recently released Mi Mix 2S or Mi 8? If you say yes to one of these questions — you will definitely appreciate the Smart Mouse Pad by MiiiW.

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