MiJia Car Driving Recorder Camera: A Device All Drivers Have to Have and Why

People on foot know dash cameras as an instrument to capture interesting things on the road, like meteors or virtuoso drivers, which usually end up on Youtube and take the world by storm. You can make money with that. For the driver’s dash cams are another way handful as they can provide real proof of what actually led to a sticky situation. Xiaomi is the place to find a qualitative one. Recently it launched a Smart Rearview Mirror doubling as a DVR, but its biggest appeal is Advanced Driver Assistance technology. You can either opt for that or check another road-life recorder.

This is MiJia’s Car Driving Recorder Camera and it uses a sophisticated set of tools. It comes with SONY IMX323 CMOS sensor, a six-glass lens and f/1.8 aperture that captures a 160-degree angle. Mstar chipset is responsible for better night vision and the camera’s ability to register car’s plate number as well, which sounds like you can solve some crimes with it. The cam also supports 1080p resolution, which means precise shots in full HD.

The dash cam is equipped with a 3-inch TFT HD LCD touch screen and supports video playback. It is mounted using a suction pad, weighs only 90 g and measures 87.5×53×18 mm. The cam is also powered by a 240mAh battery and connects to a cigarette lighter to charge.

It can synch with your smartphone or a tablet through Wi-Fi to stream live footage, offer you to look through previous recordings or download them to your phone.

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