MiJia Portable Electric Shaver — an Electric Shaver That Can Be Charged from a Powerbank

If you are traveling for a business meeting or on vacation, being prepared for your trip is very important. Especially if you like to travel light and carry only the most necessary things with you. This applies to toiletry as well, we may suggest. Thus would not it be great to have, say, an electric shaver that will eliminate the need for cords that will definitely get tangled or heavy chargers? Let us introduce you MiJia Portable Electric Shaver!

The main feature of the shaver is that it is battery-operated, has a USB Type-C port and comes with a USB Type-C cable, a cleaning brush and a user manual. You can charge the device using a power bank. It is a great solution if you want to have a compact and powerful shaving device on trips that can be used literally anywhere you go.

And how small in size it is! Measuring only 92×55×13.2 mm it makes you completely control it in your hand!

This electric shaver has stainless steel housing, polished by means of sandblasting. Owing to that it feels smooth, solid and well-balanced in hand.

It takes 1 hour to charge the battery of MiJia Portable Electric Shaver. After that, the shaver can be used for 90 minutes without pause. And if you use the device for about 3 minutes a day, you will extend its charge for the whole month!

MiJia Portable Electric Shaver is also equipped with a LED indicator. The red LED light indicates that the device has a low battery and should be charge soon, the green LED light tells you that everything is okay with the amount of charge.

The blades of the shaver are made of Japanese Anlai Steel, which is not only very sharp but also self-sharpening, which is, again, a comfortable solution for travel purposes. The blades are simple enough to clean with the help of a mini-brush.

High-quality shaving is provided by a high-performance motor that makes 7000 rotations per minute. You can depend on it while traveling, as it will provide a strong and comfortable shaving.

Is not MiJia Portable Electric Shaver the best thing after sliced bread? Want to stay clean and fresh-looking while being on the go — this is one of the best options: it is practical, very portable and fuss-free to use.

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thanks for your kind information. if you want a small razor that is ok.