Mijia Portable Flashlight Lights Your Way And Charges Your Gadgets

The flashlight that can charge your smartphone? Well, Xiaomi, you surprised us again!We are talking about the outstanding Mijia Portable Flashlight. Let’s look closer at this device.

The portative flashlight is the same size as a lipstick and will definitely become a useful device for everyone. For example, there can be some situations like cold dark winter’s evenings when you need to keep the flashlight nearby.

Aluminum alloy in the compact size, ability to adjust about 11 modes of brightness. All you need to do is just to rotate the lamp cap.

It has built-in Lumileds LED with the maximum luminous flux of 240lm. This device has a 3350mAh lithium-ion battery that will be enough for 216 minutes of work.

Moreover, it has an interesting “SOS” mode that will help you in some accidents of outdoor activities. Just press the special button and the flashlight will start to blink rapidly. Very useful function, isn’t it?

On the lower part of the body, you will find two ports, one Micro USB for charging Mijia Portable Flashlight and one USB for charging any other devices.

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