MiJia Robot Vacuum Cleaner in the Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Competition

A robotic vacuum cleaners competition took place in China. 8 gadgets of various firms competed in the championship. The purpose of this event was to find out how quickly each robot vacuum cleaner coped with cleaning various surfaces.

MiJia Robot Vacuum Cleaner not only took part in this tournament, but also proved to be quite good at it, sometimes competing even with more expensive competitive models.

The Xiaomi gadget was the quickest to clean sand and dirt from a tiled floor 97×140 cm. The MiJia Robot Vacuum Cleaner did it in only 2 minutes and 13 seconds. The second place in this competition was taken by robot vacuum cleaner THOMSON TM-SAV09DS, and IROBOT ROOMBA 860 came third.

Then the contestants were tasked to remove crumbs and hair from the parquet and carpet. Here the MiJia robot let ahead IROBOT ROOMBA 860, taking an honorable second place. The THOMSON TM-SAV09DS was in the third place.

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner LG was recognized as the quietest with a noise level of about 68.5dB.

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