MiJia Smart Shoes — a Pair of Smart Sneakers, Created in Cooperation with Intel

The flow of innovations can’t be stopped! Especially if it concerns the MiJia ecosystem! A proof for that is a series of smart sneakers, MiJia Smart Shoes, which pack smart chips developed by experts from Intel Corporation!

Intel IPCore chip is installed into the sole of the sneaker. It is calibrated to the pressure your body weight gives each time you step. The shoes will collect information after the first step you make. The sensors that measure motion are responsible for the accuracy of data collection. The received information is sent to the synchronized smartphone, where with the help of a special mobile application, you see your daily number of steps, traveled distance and the number of burned calories.

The Intel IPCore is powered by a replaceable CR2032 battery, which makes wearing MiJia Smart Shoes even more convenient.

Don’t worry about the chip if you’re caught in the rain. It is rated IP67, which means that it's well protected from moisture and dust.

However, not only the smart chip makes the sneakers very comfortable to use. They also have an interesting design and are made of quality materials.

MiJia Smart Shoes feature so called fish ribs on the sides and a proper positioning of the lacing holes, which altogether allow to keep the foot in place, protecting it from the stretching.

The upper part of the sneakers is made of a combination of elastic corduroy and SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber). The outer section of the heel is equipped with a polymeric pad that protects the heel cord and improves foot fixation.

A sole that consists of EVA-foam and polyurethane TPU makes the shoes much lighter (the weight of a men’s shoe of 42 size is 278 grams, the weight of a female shoe of the 37 size is 213 grams), improves cushioning and grip on the surface.

To ensure the safety of the owner, who might wish to go for a run in the evening or at night, MiJia Smart Shoes are equipped with a reflective strip on the back and on the laces.

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