MiJia Smart Shoes Pack in Intel Chip to Track Your Workout Progress




MiJia has unveiled another pair of advanced shoes called MiJia Smart Sneakers. They will be embedded with an Intel Curie Module chip to track your movements and will feature an innovative sole design for better cushioning.

It is worth mentioning that Intel has done business with Xiaomi, which MiJia is a department of, for many years. Intel has supplied Xiaomi Mi Box with its wireless content streaming technology Intel WiDi and Mi Pad 2 got a powerful Intel Atom X5-Z8500 processor.

The lightweight chip is placed into a midsole and “wakes up” every time you move the shoe. It senses whether you are running or just strolling, calculates the distance you cover a day, your average speed and calories burned. All the reports are available in the app. The chip draws power from a single button cell and is water- and dust-resistant.

The sole of the sports shoe is where the important things happen. Having a proper sole helps to run faster and pain-free. This is what MiJia Smart Sneakers offer:

  • a slight bend in the toe area allows to push yourself with less effort to make a move;
  • EVA-foam in the sole cushions the step and provides balance to the foot;

  • highly supportive midsole gives stability as you land;

  • dividing the shoe sole into upper and lower segments allows it to bend with a natural motion of the foot.

These shoes are available in a shoe for women and men in a few colors with the same common features. A knitted synthetic mesh allows your foot to breathe and not sweat. The inside of the shoes has an antibacterial insole. The outer part of the heel has reflective elements for enhanced visibility on the road in the evening.

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