MiJia Smart Smoke Detector: Taking Even Stronger Position on Home Safety

MiJia has made a name for itself by developing smart home products. Its home automation system with complete control not only creates a comfortable living atmosphere but also gives a piece of mind when it comes to safety. The device MiJia is promoting on Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform right now is something the company could not turn a blind eye on. Without a doubt, every household should have it. 

Honeywell Smart Smoke Detector stays on the lookout for smoke 24 hours a day. Equipped with a light indicator and a powerful speaker it is designed to speak loud and blink red to inform you of any trouble.

If you connect the detector through an app to your phone, you will get alert-messages when the device hears the smoke. Even when you are not at home you can check if everything is alright. The app also allows to adjust sensor’s sensitivity, which is convenient if there is a cigarette smoker in the house. You do not need to disable the device completely to make it not set off when someone is “taking a break”, but rather tune its sensitivity down to make it ignore the smoke.

The detector is very low-maintenance. Besides wall-mounting it, you will not need to do much else with it. As far as the installation goes everything is simple: you can either stick the device to the wall using a sticky base or deal with screws.

You can be sure that the detector is working because instead of hooking to home’s electrical system, which we all know tends to have power outages occasionally, it runs on a single CR123A battery that, as the company claims, can serve for 5 years before it needs to be replaced. That is how low-power the device is. 

Another great thing about the Honeywell Smart Smoke Detector is that when it is on the watch it functions as a nightlight, emitting a fairly dim light. 

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