MiJia Sound Wave Electric – Smart and Practical

A healthy and attractive smile is the dream of everyone. But usual toothbrush can’t provide the effects that can an electric toothbrush. There are many factors that you should bear in mind. One of them is that your toothbrush should be convenient and practical in use.

Let’s take your look for a product of Xiaomi Ecosystem — MiJia Sound Wave Electric Toothbrush.

The design of this toothbrush is similar to the Soocare X3, but this device is quite different in comparison. The packaging is classical for Xiaomi Ecosystem white box.

It has only one bottom for turn on/off and changing the cleaning modes. And of course, this gadget has a built-in control LEDs set. The lower part of the body has a special rubber ring for a better grip with the surface. Different colors of the rubber rings will help you to identify your personal toothbrush when all your family members use the same model of an electric toothbrush.

The body of the device has an IPX7 standard protection.

The nozzle of toothbrush is packaged in vacuum hermetic package that approves high sanitary and hygienic norms

The motion frequency of bristles is 31000 times per minute that is a quite high result. To avoid any traumas of gums on this speed the manufacturer used the bristles of well-known company DuPont. The density of bristles is on the high level and it provides the qualitative cleaning of teeth.

In the package, you will also get portative charging doc-station. This charging station has a USB-cable that will allow charging it even from power bank.

MiJia Sound Wave Electric Toothbrush has a built-in 700mAh battery that provides the work of device for about 18 days( depending on the frequency of using) in standby mode without recharging. It is very convenient to get it with you in traveling.

And of course, this device can sync with your smartphone via the special application. Using of App will open you a lot of the useful features of this electric toothbrush like monitoring of mouth and other user setups.

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