MiJia Wiha Screwdriver — German Quality at a Chinese Price

MiJia strives for perfection in everything it creates and wants its gadgets to improve our daily lives, making a lot of annoying tasks much easier. The company has recently brought an extremely stylish-looking screwdriver to the market. It comes in a fancy metal case accompanied by a set of bits that will match a lot of screws. 

What should be a jaw-dropping fact is that this screwdriver was designer together with a world-famous German company Wiha! And which word or words pop in your head first when you hear about products from Germany? Probably, high quality, reliability, and durability?

MiJia Wiha Screwdriver may be a new product on the market, but it has already been honored with a Reddot award. For those who do not know Reddot is one of the most important competitions for product design, where young professionals compete with renowned designers from all over the world. 

This screwdriver is designed for repairing and upgrading smartphones, laptops and tablets, cameras, integrated chips and other small technology, as well as eyeglasses, kid’s toys, lamps etc. It comes in a sturdy box with 24 different bits for the most common types of screws. The design of the box is minimalistic, but still beautiful to look at. It is also very compact and lightweight.

All bits are magnetically attached to the case so that stay in place when there is a lot of shaking during transportation. The bits are made of shock-resistant instrumental steel, which means that they are highly wear-resistant. They all have special bit names and manufacturer initials on them. 

The production took place and was controlled at Wiha’s laboratory in Germany. MiJia and Wiha wanted to make the screwdriver very convenient and effective to work with, so the size of its handle was designed to be gripped using only three fingers. Everyone who likes repair works will notice what a please it is in just holding the screwdriver.

MiJia Wiha Screwdriver is a little box of wonders in the right hands, but it is also great for beginners who start getting tools. The kit is expected to cost around $30. 

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