MITU Crawler Builder Bunny Block Robot – Best Gift for Your Child

Contemporary children are computer-addicted. Nowadays a lot of manufacturers are producing the big amount of games to provide leisure for your child. But many parents try to understand how to distract son or daughter from PC and make some useful things.

MITU Crawler Builder Bunny Block Robot will ideally cope with this task. It will also ruin the stereotypes that this block robot will be interesting only for boys. Girls will also like it because from this block set you can build anything you want.

What are the main features of this toy?


All the details are made from eco-friendly plastic. All for the safety of your child.

1086 details.

Turn on your imagination and make the toy of your dream. It can be a usual robot that moves on caterpillars, dinosaur, and bicycle or snow cutter.

Modular programming system

Here you as a parent can help your child in automation of this toy. But we bet that this process will be interesting for you too. In the packaging, you can also find a special controller with processor ARM Cortex Mx 32bit and the to provide the motion and controlling of the toy.

Easy programming

When you have a completely finished toy by downloading the special application you will get an access to program it to the special actions. But programming is not complicated. This process is also like a game.

MITU Crawler Builder Bunny Block Robot is the second version of MITU Block Robot but now the packaging has the caterpillars and robot understands voice commands. 6-axis gyroscope will keep the balance of toy and it won’t fall down while moving. Also, you should pay your attention to three powerful lithium batteries on 1650 mAh that provides long work of toy.

So, if you are looking for a useful and fascinating way of spending time — MITU Crawler Builder Bunny Block Robot will become an ideal assistant in this question.

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