MITU Mini Drone Will Bring Back Your Childhood Memories

Maybe everyone can remember the happy childhood moments with radio-controlled aircrafts or remote-controlled cars. But in the modern world, the toys are different.

Today we will talk about very high-tech toy. It is a portative MITU Mini Drone. This tiny device meets the needs of modern children. It looks like a radio-controlled aircraft but at the same time, it can make shots and record videos.

The device is supplied in blue cartoon box with simple design. When we open the package we can see the body of MITU Mini Drone.

In the middle of the body is situated a battery section and some parameters descriptions.

The drone has its own camera with the infrared transmitter.

The camera can make shots up to 1600×1200pixels resolution, and record 1280×720 videos.

The power button and USB charging interface are situated on the body of the device.

The Mini Drone can be controlled via the application using Wi-Fi connection. It has the built-in Wi-Fi module. During the first connection it can require the password (the standard password is 123456789).

You can adjust the settings like the flying height (up to 25 meters) or the sharpness of recording, etc. Also, you can view the photos and videos taken by the camera or transform your smartphone into the joystick, and control the flying drone.

The device is really small, the dimensions are 91×91×38mm, but the working distance is quite big — 50 meters.

The battery capacity is only 920mAh, it takes about one hour for a full charge, which will be enough for 10 minutes of flight. The Mini Drone comes with 4GB of memory, which can meet the shooting requirements during the fly.

Light-weight, simple in installation and connection, excellent work — all of these are about the MITU Mini Drone.

This device will be interesting both for children and adults! So, what about going back to the childhood?

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