MIUI V7 Review

On August 13th Xiaomi presented a new version of operating system MIUI 7. What is new implemented in the new firmware, and what its features?

Android v. 5.1 Lollipop is the basis for improved MIUI.

Xiaomi Company has made a number of changes, carried out design adjustments and significantly improved performance of the system.

At presentation it was noted that around the world there are nearly 150 million "connoisseurs" who use firmware MIUI.

Highlights of MIUI V7

One of innovations in MIUI V7, is a very handy feature - facial recognition, thanks to this, you can very easily, automatically, among all your photos, create galleries with the same user.

Of course everyone loves children and Xiaomi made a special emphasis on children faces- your smartphone easy detects face, and now you can capture the most wonderful moments and put a favorite photo with your child on a desktop.

Among the most entertaining features of MIUI V7 is a video ringtone - now anyone can be satisfied not only with a photo and music for an incoming call, but fun short video that you can choose at your discretion.

We see that Xiaomi designers did a good job of fonts and now MIUI V7 user can use any preferable for font sizes - from standard to very large.

Also, it is worth noting that for people who have poor eyesight, there is a special mode display.

Interface features

All of the standard icons in the interface MIUI V7 have changed, becoming more user-friendly, understandable, with various effects (gradient effects, blur, etc).

Now interface is presented in 3 ways - both focused on boys, girls and business.

As before, users can choose from about 16 thousand different themes and if still you do not find suitable one, you can realize your creative potential and create their own theme - yet in manual mode. For this there is no need in knowledge of programming languages, just use a special application to create themes for MIUI, which is called «MUSE».

In v. 7 MIUI appeared smartphone functional limitation mode, so called "guest mode."

User photos

Now there is an ability to put yourself on any photo avatar that will be synchronized from all of your contacts that use MIUI. This works in two directions, so you will also automatically appear on avatars of your friends (just as on social networks) without need to manually change the photo.

Good news is that the performance in the new firmware MIUI V7 increased by 30% while reducing power consumption decreased by 25%.

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