Nanoleaf Canvas Installation Guide

1. What is included in the standard kit?

The standard package contains user manuals, 9 light panels (including 1 main control panel and 8 ordinary panels), 8 connecting pieces, power supply, and double-sided tape.

The Rhythm Music module is built into the control panel.

2. How to set up the pattern

Smart Square Light Panels have four connecting ports on the back. It gives you more freedom to create the design you want. It is recommended firstly to splice the idea of pattern and then attach the board to the wall.

You can also use the Nanoleaf APP to find the layout assistant in the settings.

3. How to install

After designing the pattern, the next step is to install the Smart Square Light Panels. They are very simple to install. Use the connectors to connect the light panels. The double-sided tape is attached to the back of the light panel labeled "TAPE HERE".

If you have plans to change the pattern later, just remove the double-sided tape from the back panel.

4. How do smart square lights connect and match?

To download the Nanoleaf APP from the App Store or Tencent App Store. It is important to note that 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi is required for connection, and 5G Wi-Fi connection is not supported.

Open the Nanoleaf APP, select “Canvas Smart Square Light” on your device, click “Start Pairing”, and scan the manual's setting code to pair.

A flashing light board will indicate a successful pairing.

5. Interesting features of Nanoleaf Canvas

The Smart Square Lights support touch control, and the light board can change the color.

Nanoleaf Canvas has a built-in Rhythm music module. Click the button on the main control board to let the light follow the music.

6. How to disassemble?

There are also tips for disassembling.

When you are removing the double-sided tape, pull it in parallel along the direction of the wall. The lamp board can be removed without leaving any traces.

It is quite simple, isn’t it?

Smart square lights are easy to install and remove, and they have a variety of ways to use. Touch control and sound control are very interesting.

Create a wonderful atmosphere in your house with Nanoleaf Canvas!

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