New Abilities of Usual Devices with Aqara Smart Bedroom Set

Everyone knows something about the Aqara Smart Home devices which can help to make our life easier. Thanks to them everybody can automate the simple processes at the house and reduce the routine activity.

Today we will talk about one of the parts of Xiaomi Ecological Chain, especially about the Aqara Smart Bedroom Set.

Aqara Bedroom Set

Before opening the box, you can take a look at some of the smart scenarios of usage. Thanks to the rich custom scenes of the Application, you can achieve almost any scene you can think of. The outer packaging has a simple and beautiful design due to the standards of Xiaomi Ecological Chain devices.

Aqara Bedroom Set Packaging

What we have in the packaging:

  • Smart Socket ZigBee Edition
  • Smart Socket
  • Human Body Sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Smart Light Switch ZigBee Edition
  • Light Switch (Single Key)
  • Light Switch (Double Key)

When you open the white box you will find all the necessary devices.

Aqara Bedroom Set Light Switcher

Aqara Bedroom Set Light Switch

And of course, there are some accessories to install the sensors.

Aqara Bedroom Set nozzles

When users purchase this set, some of them start worrying about the installation problems. But if you look closer to the sensors you will find the construction quite simple. That’s why the installation won’t cause any problems.

Aqara Bedroom Set socket

The devices work using ZigBee protocol, and their connection is provided by Gateway (works with 2.4G WiFi protocol).

Aqara Bedroom Set Gateway

Aqara Bedroom Set Instalation

After installing the devices it will be time for the most interesting part — the configuration of work. The opportunity of providing the smart scenarios of work will give the new abilities to the ordinary devices.

Aqara Bedroom Set Instalation

Aqara Bedroom Set Instalation

Aqara Bedroom Set Instalation

As an example, you can sync the Aqara Human Body Sensor with your night light plugged in Aqara Smart Socket.

Aqara Bedroom Set Instalation

A simple and understandable algorithm of work. When the sensor detects the motion in the room, the night light will be automatically turned on. You won’t have to walk in the darkness trying to find the switcher.

Aqara Bedroom Set socket

Aqara Bedroom Set

Another example is the connection between the temperature sensor and heater (of course with a usage of the smart socket). When the temperature sensor detects the temperature changes that not suit the pre-installed permissible level of temperature it will turn on the heater.

Aqara Bedroom Set

Aqara Bedroom Set living-room

Aqara Bedroom Set Kettle

These are only two examples, but you can create dozens of them according to your everyday needs.

Feel the benefits of the 21st century. Make your bedroom smart with Aqara Smart Bedroom Set.

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