New Case for Mi 6 — Beauty and Safety

New smartphone Mi 6 is very efficient and a competitive price makes it a great finding for the Xiaomi gadgets’ fans. But attractive glass on back panel has unfortunately some disadvantages. So you should be careful with it.

That is why the company made a decision to collaborate with Guildford company and create a special protective case for Xiaomi Mi 6. This case sits like a glove on the smartphone and has a special cutout for camera. Now you can put your device on its back and not worry about scratches on main camera lens. On the corners it became thicker to protect it when you drop the smartphone.

This accessory has a triple protection. It is made of polycarbonate and TPU ( material is known  for its high resistance to damages and cold susceptibility, it can be used in winter weather). These materials are the best when it comes to producing the cases for smartphones and other gadgets.Thanks to it, the Guildford Case is very comfortable to hold in a hand, and it doesn’t allow any stains to appear on the body. The weight of case is very small — only 26.5g and with it your smartphone will have weight not more than 200 g. For sale the blue and black colors of the case are available.


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