New Mi 5 — the Technology Record Breaker. 10 More Innovations

New Mi 5 — the technology record breaker. 10 more innovations

All the Mi 5 comrades!

Finally, the newest flagship from Xiaomi was presented. Mi5 is the creation of perfect design and high intelligence. On the first day of spring sales will officially start in China. So what the future holds about amazing Mi 5? Here’s a shortlist of specifications:

  • Snapdragon 820
  • 600Mbps 4G+ download speeds, VoLTE
  • 16MP 4-axis OIS + 2µm-pixel 4MP camera
  • 3D glass / ceramic body, 129g weight
  • 5.15″, 16 LED light display
  • Front fingerprint sensor
  • 3000mAh battery, Quick Charge 3.0
  • Full feature NFC
  • MIUI based on Android Marshmallow
  • Available in Gold, White, Black

These are top 10 advanced technological breakthroughs of flagship. The display technologies of Mi 5 got 21 patents. We offer you 10 more good reasons to get this new flagship.

1. 4-axis OIS. You will be exited to know about the first breakthrough of Mi 5. It is 16MP camera with super stable 4-axis Optical Imaging Stabilization or just OIS. It also has Phase Detection Auto-focus (PDAF) and DTI technologies.

It’s impossible to shake. High resolution photos and video are possible now. Less noise, steadier and really fast snaps in the twinkling of an eye. Even if you move fast, your shots stay clear and videos are smooth.

2. DTI for more quality. Sony IMX298 is a new matrix with 16MP sensor. And close pixel-to-pixel isolation is given for better quality by Deep Trench Technology.

3. Fast performance. It is 100 % and 40 % faster through the new Snapdragon 820 CPU & GPU. So modern and future games, resource-intensive tasks are available for Mi. And the Mi 5 Pro is equipped with 4GB RAM and 128GB UFS 2.0 for more productivity.

4. UFS 2.0 FLASH. It is 87 % faster technology. The reason is a full-duplex READ and WRITE processes speed. The new UFS 2.0 generation gives you more possibilities.

5. 3D Ceramic for Exclusive Edition. Could you ever imagine the possibility of the highly resistant and durable for long time? Now you can. The body was made of nano-crystalline zirconia ceramics. The hardness of material is 8H on the Mohs scale. And it’s 129g only.

6. 4G+ speed. It is 600Mbps due to 4G+ (CAT 12 LTE). Mi 5 has a 2-band Wi-Fi aerial. Connect the router MU-MIMO technology to enhance the signal.

7. Netcom 3.0. Now you can download a Full HD quality movie less than in a minute. It is possible due high order modulation of 3x Network carrier aggregation


8. 16 LED Light display. Now it has 17 % less energy consumption. The unique backlight technology gives a soft glow, so you can easily use your smartphone even in direct sun.

9. Quickcharge 3.0. New Snapdragon 820 supports a Quick Charge technology. It makes charging faster for 20 %. So the smartphone will be filled up with 80–90 % energy in 1 hour.

10. Full-featured NFC. READ and WRITE, P2P and card emulation are possible now due the full-featured NFC technology.

So, now you have 10 more reasons to get the newest flagship Mi 5 and enjoy all the best options of this amazing smartphone.

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