New product in Xiaomi ecosystem!

Yes, yes, dear subscribers, this is exactly what you think

As is known, Xiaomi produces not only smart gadgets, and all kinds of accessories, but even a clothing line! And today it was announced that Xiaomi has decided to produce suitcases that are likely to carry the very their brand’s clothes.

According to official data, the suitcase with the name of "90 minutes" will be produced by the new ecosystem of Xiaomi. Suitcase configured minimalist design and has a size of 20 inches, the volume of the interior space is about 36 liters.


As the base material used polycarbonate by the company Bayer Markrolon, which allows to achieve good weight indicators (total 2.9 kg) and achieve a good resistance to compression and to avoid undue strain in the fall suitcases. A built-in silent wheels and telescopic handle, adjustable height allow comfortably use it on longer journeys

In addition, "SyaoDan" completed with an integrated TSA-lock, which is necessary for the smooth clearance of your luggage by customs officers when necessary.

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