New product in Xiaomi ecosystem — suitcase!

Xiaomi Company has ceased to be associated exclusively with mobilephones. Ecosystem of Beijing Company includes many companies and start-ups that are producing a variety of products. For example, recently, one of the new companies that entered in ecosystem of Xiaomi, has introduced ... a suitcase.

This practical object height of about half a meter and a weights only 2.9 kg, and has a volume of about 36 liters.

High-quality components and build quality distinguishes products of Xiaomi ecosystem. With the suitcase, which was named "90 minutes", it has turned out just the same. Frame is made of high-quality polycarbonate, manufactured by a division of Bayer from Germany - Bayer Markrolon. It provides durability and presentable appearance.

Telescoping handle and silent system of wheels makes suitcase comfortable on long journeys with transfers and need for hand transportation.
Special TSA-lock securely locks zipper on suitcase, but can be opened quickly in the case of customs inspection.
Quality items at an attractive price - a distinctive feature of products from Xiaomi. Suitcase "90 minutes" once again proves it.

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