New Product on Xiaomi Crowdfunding — Face Sheet Mask

“There are no ugly people — there are only lazy people.” And this is really true, because many people are really too lazy to make a little effort to maintain their health. Sometimes the abundance of skin care products and care techniques can confuse both women and men. Just remember the 10-step Korean skincare. And some men really think that wiping the face with a towel will be enough to finish the skincare ritual.

Many modern psychologists say that “it does not matter how do you look like — the main thing is in your soul”. But it is a controversial point because the appearance has an important role. And if you are an incredibly busy person, and you do not have enough time, there is a quick option — a Face Sheet Mask.

Recently Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform launched the new product that will help to cope with this problem. This mask can give the skin a fresh and rested look just in 15 minutes.

About 60% of skin problems are caused by the lack of moisture. The mask effect is directed to provide your skin the maximum moisture by penetrating into the deepest layers of the skin, to compare with other skincare products that affect only the upper layers.

The mask is delivered in a small box with 6 mask bags, 30 ml each inside. This form of mask is convenient because you can use it and do your domestic chores while active components do their work. The mask does not create the feeling of dryness like many other masks do. Just a feeling of light coolness on your skin.

Each drop of the mask contents is rich in hyaluronic acid, which regenerates and awakens the skin’s vitality. The combination of natural plant and water essence with the addition of fruit extracts will transform your skin into a truly fresh, rested and give her a healthy radiance.

Great for both men and women. Forget about fatigue, spend only 15 minutes of your time, and your skin will subsequently say “thank you”.

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