New Products by Xiaomi: Mural TV 65”, Mijia Walking Treadmill, Vertical Air Conditioner

Today Xiaomi released a variety of new interesting products. So let’s take a brief review of them.

Mi Mural TV 65”

This premium-quality TV uses 4K display by Samsung. The device itself is very thin - the thickness is only 13.9mm. The construction of TV is suitable only for wall mounting. It uses a special wall mounting that perfectly fits the wall and doesn’t leave extra space between wall and TV panel.

The model supports a special mode called “Classic Artwork”. It transforms your TV into the artwork in a frame, showing a large number of classic works of 45 artists. The TV connects to the power source by one cable. So it doesn’t ruin the visual effect.

The TV supports a Xiao AI voice assistant. In terms of sound, it comes with soundbar and subwoofer. In addition to this, the users will get the remote control with voice control feature.

Mi TV E55A

This line of TVs features a full-screen LCD-panel with narrow frames. It supports a PatchWall interface, XiaoAI voice assistant and Smart Home devices control. The sound is provided by Dolby+DTS high-performance speakers. The model supports 4K HDR.

Mijia Walking Treadmill

The model features folding design and occupies less than half a square meter unfolded. The thickness of the device is 12.9cm, so it can be easily placed under the bed or sofa. Walking Treadmill uses the lightweight aluminum alloy molding skeleton – the weight of the whole machine is only 28 kg. The weight limit is up to 90 kg. The model comes with remote control for convenient operation. The fastest speed is 6 km/hour - an aerobic quick walk. Also, it has a small LED display to show the user information.

Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 & Body Fat Scale 2

Both models adopt the hidden LED screens, tempered glass body, and rounded corners. Bluetooth 5.0 is responsible for a fast and reliable connection.

The scales intelligently calculates the ideal weight, according to the user's body data.

In measuring human body data, Xiaomi Body Fat Scale 2 uses high-precision BIA fat-measuring chip, which can know body weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, moisture rate, protein rate, basal metabolism, visceral fat in one measurement.

Xiaomi Mi C1 Vertical Air Conditioner

This is a first Air Conditioner in Xiaomi model line that comes in a vertical form-factor. The design is elegant and modern. The device has some cool features like:

  • 5100W rated cooling capacity
  • 1100 m3/h airflow rate
  • 32db noise level

Thanks to the integrated IoT exclusive chip it supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interconnection. It can be easily controlled via the smartphone, Notebook, portable speakers and even TV, like the other Smart Home devices.

Mijia 1X DC Inverter Fan

The design of the new model didn’t significantly change to compare with the previous version. It features a 7 blade design and supports XiaoAI voice assistant. The weight of the device is only 2.8kg. The noise level is 31.5db and rated power is 15W. As we can see, it didn’t get major changes but in terms of characteristics, it was quite improved.


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