New service: art & gifts

Apart from a wide range of products and accessories, Xiaomi expands its service. Now every Xiaomi device may become an unexpected gift or a piece of art. The official Xiaomi stores offer a new service - laser engraving.

Every customer of Mi-gadgets can offer an application of any piece of writing or image on his device.

This may be an owner's name and address according to which you know where to deliver the gadget in case it gets lost. You can also decorate your device with love letter or a simple welcome message for a gift to your friends and relatives.

Moreover, laser engraving allows decorating your smartphone, tablet or bracelet with a unique composition which will allocate the device from a countless number of similar gadgets.

As you can see from the promotional video, laser engraving could be applied to both plastic and metal surfaces. This is why the space for creativity is boundless!

Taking into consideration the specificity of Xiaomi devices' distribution, the customers will have the opportunity to offer the engraving of their devices online or on-site at local representatives.

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