New Spoiler Of Folding Smartphone By Xiaomi

Presented the latest budget smartphones by Redmi and the Black Shark 2 gaming smartphone, Xiaomi decided to surprise the fans again.

There were a lot of rumors that the company plans to release its folding smartphone.

To stir up the hype, Xiaomi shared a short video on its Weibo page, where you can get acquainted with the upcoming new product.

The short teaser video shows how the device will look like in the unfolded and folded form. You may notice that the device can be folded from two sides.

According to rumors, the display was developed in collaboration with Visionox Technology. It is also expected that the smartphone will receive a top Snapdragon 855 processor and 8 or 10 GB of RAM.

We know the Xiaomi tradition to produce high-quality devices at affordable prices. So, it is quite possible that Mi Flex (possible name of the device) will compete with the already well-known Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X in terms of technical characteristics and price.

Information about the release date has not been confirmed yet. Presumably, it will be April-June.

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