New Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with optical heart rate sensor

Now the Mi Band 1s is able to keep track of your heart rate well as do a far better job than its predecessor when it comes to tracking your sleep. The optical heart rate tracker will be located right smack at the bottom of the device, meeting your hand head on.

New Mi Band uses a better material for its strap to overcome the easily broken strap problem on the previous problem of Mi Band. It has an optical heart rate sensor, which tracks pulse rate of the user.

Mi Band has a 45mAh battery capacity sports with a Dialog 4.0 Bluetooth chip, ADI sensor and IP67 water resistant. There are not many changes in the appearance, what makes the difference is the Mi Band 1s comes with optical heart rate sensor which has the high accuracy as Apple Watch. With this added feature, many are concern about the battery life. The developer said they tested it and it can last for 20 days and above.

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