Night Light by Mijia - Portable and Convenient

MiJia Induction Night Light is a representative of portable night light which your house definitely need. The combination of IR and motion detection sensor will allow you to forget what the light switch is. This small device is surprisingly independent. You shouldn’t worry about the turning on/off the light. It detects the object in the working area and turns the light on.

In the same way, it turns the light off when the object leaves the certain area. Very convenient when you get home late and it can be complicated to find the wall switch.

Also, it will be useful in lighting the way to the fridge in the night :)

The workmanship and practical use of this device will definitely surprise you. The light is not dazzling for eyes. Moreover, you can adjust the different lighting modes according to the level of brightness you need. The brightness mode of 0,7 lm will provide the work of night light for about 12 months, and the 3,8 lm mode will serve you about 6 months.

The design and shape of the product are simple and compact. The overall shape is cylindrical. The material of surface is glossy ABS-plastic which looks very shiny and bright.

There is a special double-sided adhesive tape on the back side of device. You can place the night light wherever you want according to your needs and activities. Also, you can use for this purpose the special hook that comes in the package.

This night light will please you with its low power consumption. The work of the device is provided by three AAA batteries.

Good solution for your house — modern, practical and minimalistic.

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