Ninebot Mini Self-Balancing Scooter Review

Ninebot Mini: The Fun and Handy Self-Balancing Scooter

On the 19th of October Xiaomi has released its new cool product — a self-balancing scooter Ninebot Mini white or black which is under one of the Xiaomi’s ecosystem.

Let's start with some short and brief history between Xiaomi and Ninebot

Xiaomi announced that Ninebot is joining on April 2015 as a new member of Mi Ecosystem, with the joint investment worth of $80 million by Xiaomi, Shunwei Capital, Sequoia Capital and WestSummit Capital.

Ninebot Inc. was founded by a team of robotics engineers interested in developing new technology for use in environmental protection and artificial intelligence. With an R&D team, the engineers combined the technologies of their autopilot and robot technologies to develop a new type of self-balancing electric vehicle, the Windrunner in 2012. 2 years later, Ninebot introduced its Ninebot One, an intelligent and fashionable personal transportation tool with an interactive function.

Here are some of the products they have launched. You can’t finish counting by just using fingers.

This is what Xiaomi has launched! The innovative Ninebot Mini with the unique design.

This is where you stand when riding on the scooter.

The black color version of Ninebot Mini. Looking cool, isn’t it?

Comparison side by side between Ninebot Mini and Segway. You can clearly see there is a difference in the size. The segway looks bulky compared to handy Ninebot Mini. Besides that, you can easily master the skill of handling the scooter within few minutes!

For those who already own a car license, we know steering is needed to control the direction of the wheel. How to apply this theory in Ninebot Mini? In Ninebot Mini, there is no such thing call steering. Do you want to move forward? Then lean your body to the front then it will move forward. Lean your body to backward then it will move backward. You can move to the right and left using your lower leg (calf muscle) to control the direction lever.

The maximum speed this scooter can travel is up to 16km/h and go up 15-degree inclines is not a problem for Ninebot.

The weight is only 12.8 kg with shoulder-width length. Most of us are able to carry it.

Due to the small and compact size, this scooter can be easily stored too.

Here comes everyone’s concern, the battery life. Well, it has quite an impressive battery life with a single charge and you may travel up to 22km!

Just like other Mi Products, this scooter can be controlled using a smartphone too! During the launching event, Lei Jun used this scooter to hand over a bottle of water for him.

Many people might think this tiny scooter is not stable enough to support a human’s weight. Don’t worry, the materials used are high quality to ensure the safety of the user. They also take lots of safety precautions into consideration when making this product.

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Highlight of Ninebot Mini

  • Speeds of up to 16km/h
  • Climbs 15° inclines easily
  • Compact, lightweight, shoulder-width length
  • Weighs 12.8kg fits easily in the trunk of a car
  • High capacity battery pack, 22km in a single charge
  • Smartphone controls
  • Aerospace-grade magnesium alloy infrastructure

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