Oclean One — Healthier Teeth for Life

One of the reasons why we have abrasion cavities and gum problems is that we use a toothbrush in the wrong way. We either brush too hard or brush too fast, which causes damage to our precious little teeth. Xiaomi invented another electric toothbrush, Oclean One that features 12 brushing modes, including for sensitive and normal teeth, efficiently removes plaque and is also a great option for a weekend away.

Oclean One is:

  • 4 brushing speeds: sensitive, soft, normal, intense
  • 3 brushing modes: standard, whitening, massage
  • 42 000 brushstrokes per minute
  • high-quality DuPont and Pedex bristles
  • 60 days without a recharge

Oclean One will turn teeth brushing into something fun that you can really look forward to. The design of the device pleases the eye. The handle of the toothbrush is IPX7 rated, which means that it is allowed to come in contact with water. It also has an antibacterial coating that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria build up.

The toothbrush boasts a whole range of other features. It comes with a Bluetooth 4.2 for a remote control from a smartphone app, a waterproof speaker, which is how the device alerts you when it is time to change its position or when you should stop brushing your teeth. Oclean One ships with a sophisticated, though sizable, travel case that protects it from dirt and dust if you are traveling on business or leisure.

The bristle ends of the toothbrush are much more rounded than what international standard requires. This way your gums do not get hurt when you brush with it. Inside the toothbrush handle, there is a gyroscope that monitors the position of the bristles and the pressure you are applying on them while brushing. This data is displayed in the app, allowing you to compare your technique with the recommended one. The intensity of brushing can be adjusted depending on your current needs.

Another interesting thing about Oclean One is that it generates 42 000 brush strokes per minute and therefore promises extremely comfortable and thorough cleaning. Note that with a manual toothbrush you can only make about 200 such brush strokes.

The toothbrush is battery-powered and comes with a 2600mAh cell. One charge lasts a good 60 days, while you need only 3.5 hours to get it back on track.

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