Oclean One Sonic Toothbrush Takes Care of Your Teeth

42000 movements per minute — this is a super power of sonic electric toothbrush Oclean One. Best solution for custom oral care.

Oclean One Toothbrush

This is one of the stories that have told us one of the Oclean One users:

"Electric toothbrush was something unknown for me. I used to clean my teeth with usual manual toothbrush. I learned a lot of brushing techniques because I wanted to neutralize the plaque and tartar. But it was not enough and in  addition I got other dental problems like bleeding gums. My dentist encouraged me to use the electric toothbrush. I wanted to buy such type of toothbrushes for all my family members, but the price was so high. And then I found out the Oclean One. It had an excellent performance and provided the ability to buy the brand model at affordable price. After the usage of ultrasonic toothbrush the wounds on the gums gradually recovered and bad breath also disappeared in  a rapid rate."


What about the current oral health status?

Periodontal disease is one of the most common dental diseases. According to the medical information of Seoul National University Hospital males and females from 40 years old have a big risk of having the periodontal disease.

According to the data from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), periodontal disease can easily penetrate into the body through weakened gums and weaken immune system, leading to cardiovascular disease, diabetes ,rheumatoid arthritis.

"The oral bacteria can cause the periodontal disease. These germs penetrate all over the body and cause various diseases and cancer. The usage of various toothbrushes with sonic vibrations can reduce the prevalence of periodontal disease by removing the plaque"

— the fragment from the interview with the dentist on Channel A (one of the South Korea TV-channels).

Now we know the danger of oral bacteria. Do you still doubt the useful features of sonic toothbrushes?

Many people do not know about the effectiveness of electric toothbrushes and do not use them, because they are expensive. However, manual toothbrushes do not have the same positive effect.

What is the difference between manual, electric and sonic powered toothbrush?

Oclean One Toothbrush

According to the results of the plaque reduction study, the electric toothbrushes have bigger plaque reduction effect than manual toothbrushes. The toothbrush that shows the best plaque reduction effect is the sonic powered toothbrush. In addition, compare with general electric toothbrush with working speed 40,000 times per minute, ultrasonic vibration uses micro-vibration technology and generates ultra-small air bubbles, which clean the gap between teeth that cannot be caught by usual toothbrushes.

Disadvantages of usual toothbrushes:

  • Lack of custom care

Everyone has personal teeth form, so they need their own oral health care.

  • Inefficient plaque removal

Compared with sonic toothbrushes, the manual toothbrushes are not effective for plaque removing and tooth whitening.

  • Short battery life

Existing electric toothbrushes have a short battery life.

  • Expensive brand products

The birth of Oclean One

Oclean One Toothbrush

Oclean One is a sonic toothbrush that can be customized according to the individual’s oral cavity. You can get an effective customized oral care using the special application.

In fact, this sonic electric toothbrush made by Oclean, has got the investments from HUAMI Company — the partner of Xiaomi.

Oclean One Toothbrush

So let’s see what the features and benefits we have in this model.

Oclean One Toothbrush

1. The personal oral health care secretary!

The Oclean application provides the customized brushing plan that takes into account age, gender, and eating habits.

Twelve types of preset brushing plans help you to achieve oral care goals such as tooth whitening, sensitive teeth strengthening, and gum protection.

You can download the Oclean application from Google Play or the App Store.

2.Zero Plaque!

KoTL speed ultrasonic motor, the US DuPont Corporation and Germany’s premium Pedex brushes offer best plaque removal solution.

3. Up to 60 days on a single charge!

The Oclean One uses the world’s best LG 2,600mAh battery which will be enough for 60 days of usage on one charge. It can be charged in 3.5 hours that is rather faster than standard electric toothbrushes.

So you shouldn’t worry about the battery charge on the trip. In addition, the travel case and magnetic charger are easy to use and can be carried in any pocket or bag.

4. Best specifications and good price!

Oclean One has better specifications than the top-of-the-range products from famous electric toothbrush brands.

Oclean One Toothbrush

5. Special features of Oclean One toothbrush

Oclean One enhances the durability and functionality of brush heads by combining the technologies of two the world’s leading brands like DuPont and Germany’s Pedex that provide the long-lasting effective cleaning effect.

Special patented diamond shape bristles increase the density and show unrivaled cleaning power compared to ordinary electric toothbrushes.

With these two types of brush heads, Oclean One provides the best oral care for everyone. It also analyzes the time of usage via the application to provide the best user’s experience.

Oclean One Toothbrush

Oclean One Toothbrush

Oclean One Toothbrush

Moreover, the blue brushes turn into white to indicate the replacement time. The average lifetime of the bristles is 3 months.

The tongue cleaner made of eco-friendly TPE material. It has excellent resilience and low risk of reproduction the germs.It is attached to the back side of the bristles, eliminating the need for a separate tongue cleaner. The tongue cleaner reduces germs and is more effective in removing bad breath.

The quality and water resistance

Oclean One was made using BPA-Free and FDA-approved materials. In addition, five layers of best-in-class nano-spray coating provide easy cleaning.

With IPX7 (dustproof and waterproof standard), the whole toothbrush can be washed in water.

Oclean One Toothbrush

The Smart Features of Oclean One

With the Smart Voice notification feature supported by Oclean One loudspeakers, you can record notes via the App and synchronize them with the toothbrush.

The recorded notes will be automatically played the next day to remind you the important events or things you need to do.

Oclean One Toothbrush

The sophisticated design, various colors

With its sophisticated design the Oclean One won the IF Design Award in 2018 and attracted attention by participating in CES — the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Exhibition 2018, thanks to its extreme popularity abroad.

Oclean One Toothbrush

Oclean One Toothbrush

You can choose between three colors — the classic black, white and pink.

Oclean One Toothbrush

Oclean One Toothbrush

Smile a lot with Oclean One :)

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