Oclean One – Your Smart Tooth Care

Every year many people make their choice to replace the traditional toothbrush and buy the new electric one. Today we will talk about the Oclean One Toothbrush produced by one of the Xiaomi partners — the Oclean Company.

What are the main strengths of this toothbrush? The device can boast with the powerful engine, moisture and dust protection, excellent bristles, impressive autonomy and ergonomics. Let’s talk about it in details.

The design of the toothbrush looks cool and minimalistic. To control the gadget, there are the on/off button and LEDs that shows the battery status on the body. That’s all.

There are several truly innovative elements inside the durable toothbrush body.

Firstly, there is the most powerful electric motor that allows to reach up to 50 000 vibrations per minute!

Secondly, the toothbrush has the premium quality bristles made by such world-famous manufacturers as DuPont and Pedex. The special arrangement of the bristles increases their density that helps to improve the quality of cleaning. This approach is more effective in comparison with the traditional toothbrushes.

Thirdly, this fantastic battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh allows the gadget to work autonomously up to 60 days on a single charge! It takes only about 4 hours to charge the battery. The charging principle is magnetic, with using the dock station.

Fourthly, Oclean One has an excellent water protection due to IPX7 standard, which allows you to wash the device, without fear that its internal structures will be damaged.

Fifth, the toothbrush is equipped with a speaker, a gyro, and a smart component.

The usage of Oclean One toothbrush is very simple. After the synchronization with the smartphone via the special mobile application, the owner of Oclean One can get acquainted with the results (the quality of teeth cleaning) after every cleaning.

The system analyzes the owner’s movements during the cleaning, with the help of a gyroscope and thanks to the statistical table determines the effectiveness of brushing the teeth. The application can keep statistics of weekly, monthly cleaning, etc.

Sixthly the Oclean One has several built-in modes like “Whitening” or “Gum massage”. Each mode has 4 intensity levels.

All this beauty, magnificence and extremely high practicality the user can receive for a very reasonable price.

Moreover, the developers plan to add the new functionality like the ability to listen to music on the speaker of Oclean One. Brush your teeth and listen to favorite music at the same time. Why not?!

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