OCLEAN X — Electric Toothbrush With Touch Screen

MiOT Ecosystem partner  —  OCLEAN company has launched the new electric toothbrush. The whole design is based on the OCLEAN traditions, except new addition — the colorful touch screen display.

The toothbrush can become your personal dental hygienist and show how effectively you clean your teeth. You don’t have a chance to trick the device. Built-in sensors fix the thoroughness of cleaning.

All the information can be seen on the small display, that looks like the display of Mi Band 3. The user can bound the toothbrush with a smartphone via the application. After entering some data, the program will advise you the appropriate program recommendations.

OCLEAN X uses DuPont bristles, that are well known for their quality.

Thanks to the IPX7 waterproof rating, the toothbrush can withstand a temporary immersion into the water.

Sonic Electric toothbrush features a magnetic motor (40000 vibrations per minute). There are four available modes of cleaning: whitening, sensitive clean, massage, and traditional cleaning. The manual settings are also available.

The charging time of the model is 2 hours and battery life is 30 days. The weight is only 99g.

Oclean X has got a lot of preorders and very soon it will become available for sale. The price of the model starts at 36$.

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