Oculus Go Was Released!

F8 is the annual conference held by Facebook where all the new features, updates and announcements can be presented.

All the fans met their expectations when finally the Oculus Go VR headset was presented — the product of the collaboration of Xiaomi and Oculus. This first standalone VR headset will be available in 23 countries.

What is more interesting the glasses do not need any wires and connection to PC. They were designed to fit perfectly for you (breathable fabrics, adjustable straps, and best-in-class lenses). And these are not the whole list of surprises.

With the variety of special applications (more than 1000) and games you definitely won’t be bored.

Hugo Barra the Facebook VP of VR wrote on his profile in social networks: “Today, at the Facebook annual developer conference F8 at Silicon Valley, we finally officially released Oculus Go. This amazing virtual reality product is the result of the cooperation between Oculus and Xiaomi. In the cooperation, the Xiaomi team showed a particular strength! I am very excited and very soon with Xiaomi will bring it to China’s users”.

The Companies truly implemented all the experience to create the VR device that can be enjoyed by all, even for people who are far away from Virtual Reality experience.

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