On a New Trip with 70 MAI Smart Car DVR

Xiaomi has released a new budget dashcam on the Crowdfunding platform. This device is called the 70 MAI Smart Car DVR and in a couple of months has gained the wide popularity among the drivers.

The device is equipped with a special sensor Sony IMX323, which allows you to record Full HD video in 1080p resolution. The lens has a 7-layer coating, which not only eliminates glares, but also protects the lens glass from cracking and exposure of high temperatures. The sensor has a high ISO sensitivity, so the picture will have high quality, even if you are shooting in cloudy weather or in poor light in the evening.

The DVR has a viewing angle of 130 degrees, which is enough to shoot a three-lane road. The installed MStar graphics processor with H.264 image compression method will save the recorded video in the best quality.

In the package with 70 MAI Smart Car DVR is included a special mount that will allow you easily fix the device near the rearview mirror. Adjust the camera position you can with rotating mechanism on the mount.

The device supports voice commands, which allows you to control using voice prompts. According to the manufacturer, 70 MAI Smart Car DVR can recognize even different accents.

On the side of the DVR there is a special light indicator that will show the operating mode of the device. The blue color indicates that the device is turned on, green — the DVR is recording, and if it has red light, the recording session is not normal.

You can connect camera to the Wi-Fi and watch on your smartphone what the dashcam records in real time. Moreover you can charge 70 MAI Smart Car DVR using car cigarette lighter.

The DVR is the “must-have” for modern driver, which will be useful in many cases, like recording your travel, or in case of a conflict on the road. 70 MAI Smart Car DVR will be your indispensable assistant.


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