One Less Problem to Think Of: How Mi 6 Reduces Screen-Related Eye Strain

Smartphones are an important tech piece in our lives. However, their overuse may damage our eyes. Staring at the screen for too long causes a lot of eye issues among which muscle strain and eye soreness. It happens because of the blue light that the smartphone screens emit. It is very close to UV light, and the latter was proved to be pretty much destructive to eye cells that are responsible for producing vision.

Reports reveal that most people in the world are awake and doing various activities for approximately 16 hours a day and 10 of the waking hours are spent on their computers, phones, and tablets. Is not that shocking? 

PCs and TVs actually contribute a little bit less to eye strain than smartphones and tablets. It is because of we place ourselves much closer to mini-screens of handheld electronic devices, making our eyes work much harder to focus. Nonetheless, the blue light of PC and TV screens can also penetrate the eye so deeply, reaching our precious and vulnerable retina and leading to serious eye diseases or even blindness.

Xiaomi engineers have been working hard developing a technology that would protect our eyes from hazardous blue spectrums of light. Xiaomi Mi 6 is equipped with a blue light filter, giving a better and healthier user experience. The smartphone was introduced with a slightly changed color gamut that allows to minimize blue light, turning it into yellow. 

Mi 6 screen maximum brightness is 600 nit. The smartphone performs much better in bright conditions like direct sunlight, which is the most common issue for many smartphones.

Mi 6 also sports a high-quality light sensor that automatically changes the brightness of the screen depending on the ambient light. You can also set the brightness level manually as per your brightness preferences.

To conclude, Mi 6 offers an exceptional experience for any user. The screen is a real turning point in its design. It has accumulated all of the best technologies present in Mi smartphones of previous generations, but also put on a new feature, which your eyes will thank you for.

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