One Wine – Red Wine Set on Xiaomi Crowdfunding Platform

Xiaomi crowdfunding platform is developing every day and surprising us each time with its new outstanding products. This time we are talking about small set of 6 mini-bottles with red dry wine One Wine.

The red wine made from Merlot grape has a delicate aroma of berries, violets and wild plum with a soft and rich taste. Best variats for people who are not orientated in a big variety of wines.

One Wine is produced on the south of Australia by the famous winemaking Ben Riggs Company, who is a famous Australian winemaker.

The taste of wine was evaluated by the tests in which took part about 3500 people.

Convenient shape of bottle, exquisite taste — the set of 6 wine bottles will become an excellent gift or a perfect addition to a festive table or the picnic.

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