Only 1,68kg! Ultra-Light Suitcase by 90 GO Fun and DupontTM Kevlar®

90 GO FUN brand and DuPontTM Kevlar® jointly released the first ultra-light suitcase. The size of the suitcase is 20-inches and the weight is only 1.68kg!

At the same time the Shanghai Runmi Technology Co., Ltd., and DuPont China Holding Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly establish a new material research and create a new platform.

The platform will be dedicated to the joint development and promotion of DuPont's new materials and its applications in suitcases, backpacks, apparel and other new markets, in order to meet the needs of more Chinese consumers.

The joint release of the ultra-light suitcase is the first and quite successful example of their collaboration.

Kevlar® has over 50 years of history. It is five times stronger than steel. That why it is widely used in aerospace, bulletproof vests, car tires, brake pads, fiber optic cables, and cut resistant gloves etc.

90 GO FUN engineers combined the high-strength, low-density properties of Kevlar® fibers with the PC materials commonly used in suitcases through the thermoplastic composite process.

90 GO FUN X Kevlar Suitcase really weights only 1.68kg. It is equivalent to a bottle of Coca-Cola, so it won’t add extra burden during your travel.

The shape of the suitcase is exquisite and simple. The special texture makes it more wear-resistant. The resilience and cushioning of the suitcase are greatly improved, so you don't worry about all kinds of bumps on the road can damage it.

The strategic cooperation with the DuPontTM Kevlar® team is also a constant innovation and experiment at the forefront of materials technology and product applications. It means that very soon we expect to see new model line of products created by these companies.

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