People Who Run Xiaomi

We all know that Xiaomi, a sprawling technology conglomerate, is run by Lei Jun. We also may know a co-founder of the company and a good friend of Mr. Juns Lin Bin. But there are way more people involved in making the brand loved by many. The company does not have secrets on this matter whatsoever and so we were able to find information mostly about the entire executive staff that works on making our life easier. In this article, we will walk you through a short list of the most important Xiaomi’s senior managers.

Li Wanqiang

Li Wanqiang is the director of eCommerce and marketing and a former Kingsoft CEO, who also helped developing Kingsoft Antivirus, Kingsoft Dictionary and WPS Office.

De Liu

He is a well-known industrial designer in China. Before he was hired by Xiaomi, he was the dean of the Department of Industrial Design at the University of Science and Technology in Beijing. If you always wondered who was behind all MiJia designs then you have your question answered.

Tang Mu

Tang Mu has a previous work experience in Tencent, one of the largest Internet and gaming companies in the world. He is now one of the most sought-after UI-engineers in China. In Xiaomi he is tasked with developing Xiaomi routers and VRs.

Liang Feng

Liang Feng has a leading voice in web-design. It is he who we should thank for making stunning interfaces in the virtual world of Xiaomi gadgets.

Doo Lord

Doo Lord is an insanely talented artist. He created the symbol of the company — Mi Bunny.

Robin Zhu

He is one of the key designers behind Xiaomi’s MIUI and Mi TV interfaces. Previously the head at the Microsoft Design Center Asia, Robin Zhu is currently applying his design skills to make interfaces visually appealing.

Chen Qiaozhao

Formerly a UX-designer at Microsoft Design Center Asia he is now heading up MIUI design department.

Wang Kian

Wang Kian is a creative director of the MIUI development department at. Her bio states she also worked for LG China Design Center.

Liu Xu Shu

Xiaomi senior designer.

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