Pinlo Luo Qing Automatic - a True Savior from the Hot Sun and Heavy Rain

Sometimes the weather is so unpredictable that you need a universal device. For example one day the hot sun terrorizes you, the other day you try to hide from the rain. Xiaomi has something to please you. The umbrella developed by Pinlo Luo Qing Automatic will be the most optimal and comfortable solution for this problem.

So, what is its peculiarity? This umbrella is a very practical accessory with compact dimensions — 275×50×50mm in folded form). It weighs only 295 g, which makes it incredibly convenient to carry with you every day. The open diameter is 92 cm and the length of the handle is 55 cm. The size of the umbrella is not very large, but 2 people can stand under it perfectly protected. Another bonus is its speed of opening. There are situations when bad weather can get you suddenly so you need to open it quickly not to get wet. The developers took care of this, because the opening speed of the umbrella is only 0.7 seconds, thanks to the built-in automatic mechanism. The material of the tent is also of special importance because in fact it is not only a mechanical barrier to moisture. The more durable and water resistant it is the longer the umbrella will serve you. Because this umbrella is a universal protection from the sun and rain, the material it is made of is also specific.

It is lightweight and strong fabric and at the same time has a water-repellent index 3s. This technological fabric consists of polyester yarns, on top of which there is a water-repellent coating that is resistant to high temperatures. Teflon layer as an outer coating repels moisture very effectively. Despite the fact that the fabric has such a powerful protection against water, it also has a thermal insulation coating. This approach not only gives protection against water, but also allows to reflect up to 95.6% of UV rays.

The ribs and the stretchers are one of the main parameters by which the quality and durability of the umbrella is evaluated. To protect the tent from deformation, they were made of a metal alloy under the guidance of the Japanese company Teijin Co, which specializes in the production of carbon fiber. Now you do not have to worry that the gust of wind will make ribs turn the other way.

Bid farewell to bulky umbrellas, which are difficult to fold and problematic to carry. Thanks to the high-quality and responsible approach to manufacture a regular umbrella was turned into a really chic accessory designed for long-term use.

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